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About us

Welcome to fantasypillow!

Fantasypillow, what a lovely little creature. Cute! cute! cute! We hope that you will be amazed at the cuteness and cuteness of the gift we have carefully customized for you.

Fantasypillow gifts is a business that just started this year. But our hearts are full of love. With our warm heart, we offer you the perfect gift to fulfill your needs on any occasion. With your love in our warm hearts, let us express our most sincere feelings to your loved ones through exquisite gifts. Make the best memories.

You can upload your own photo, well designed artwork or any other images to order a unique customized gift.Let us to take care of the rest.Our team has experienced product quality supervision, innovative art designers, and patient customer service. Our team is small, but everyone takes their responsibilities as important as their lives. We will always develop new personalized products to let more people feel our warmth and lovely heart.

Customer Service Email: support@fantasypillow.com

Address:1677 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129, United States

Phone:  ‪+1 ‪(478) 239-6947‬